26. Ramadan. 1441 – Boundaries

Hey Hey Hey! 26th day!! So technically 27th night of Ramadan.

I hope you all had a great day! Today will be semi-short.

I wanted to talk to you guys about boundaries. We all have them but like what are they?

If you’re anything like me then you don’t quite grasp the concept of boundaries for anything or anyone outside yourself. Why? Not sure. Narcissism, maybe? Regardless of that, if quarantine has taught me anything, it’s the importance of boundaries and not just the physical ones that I often disregard for other people but the emotional and mental ones.

I wanted to remind each and every one of you to not avoid them and act like they don’t exist. You know you have them and if you don’t well, establish some. If you’re uncomfortable, acknowledge it. Identify what makes you uncomfortable. Establish the boundary with whoever may be generating the discomfort, and stick to it. Your feelings and more importantly, your boundaries are valid. You don’t have to fold for the sake of someone else’s feelings. You’re more than good enough and your personal boundaries exist for valid reason.

As always,

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of the Day: “Do It” by Toni Braxton

One of my faves. Hope you enjoy!


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