28. Ramadan. 1441 – Affirmation

Welcome back! I can’t believe that we’re almost to an end.

Today will be short since I gave you guys a long post yesterday. I just wanted to remind you guys to please love yourself. No, I’m not saying practice self-love but actually loving yourself. I know that that can be a tough ask for some of us sometimes, but I have faith in us. You’re amazing and capable despite what you may tell yourself when times get a little dark. You’ve got plenty to live for and you are so beyond worth it.

Don’t lose yourself in the world by possibly over-extending and then finding yourself in regret. Find your balance, your happy-medium and promote yourself. Remind yourself who you are and fall in love with that person again. Love you some you. You’re the only person that truly can.

As always,

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of the Day: “Second to None” by Daley

One of my faves. Hope you enjoy!


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