10. Ramadan. 1441 – Seeking Closure

Alhamdulillah!! We made it to the 10th day of Ramadan! which is the end of the end of the first Ashra of Ramadan which focuses on the importance of mercy – especially GOD’s mercy. …You’re welcome. Now you have some Islamic knowledge on the month of Ramadan.

Either way, welcome back to another edition of the Ramadan series!

kevin bacon dancing GIF

To keep today simple and similar to yesterday, I think it would be beneficial to encourage everyone to find closure. No I am not saying to pick up your phone and call, text, snap, or DM your ex!!! DO NOT HIT YOUR EX UP! DO NOT DO THAT! But seek closure in the form of acceptance. Accept that some things are not going to end in the manner that you would prefer. Accept that sometimes the relationship that you may have with someone is meant to be just as it is – nothing more, nothing less. Accept what you don’t want to accept. Once you do, move on and solely mind the business that pays you. Stop worrying about what Tom, Richard, and Harry are doing, and worry about what you need to do in order to take yourself to the next levels whether it be on this physical plane of existence or your afterlife. Either way, learn to start saving yourself first.

Closure can look a variety of different ways, go find some that work for you whether it be apologizing to someone you may have hurt, acceptance of a situation, actually having a conclusive conversation with someone, etc. Regardless of how you get your closure, just make sure that you stop dwelling and actually grow from the closing of that chapter.

Find peace.

As always,

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of the Day: “Miss You” by Nickelback

One of my faves. Hope you enjoy!


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