Am I Happy?

If you’re a weirdo anything like me then you probably ponder over this question whenever you get alone with your own thoughts which is probably one of the most loaded questions ever. Truthfully, I have no idea how to actually answer the above question because I’m just not sure if I even know for myself. It’s honestly not really a question that I’ve genuinely tried to answer for myself until I got into my twenties.

The Oxford Dictionary define happiness as “The state of being happy.” So then, what is happy? Well, The Oxford Dictionary defines happy as “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”

Personally, even with that lovely provided definition, I still find it difficult to answer the question it’s really hard to answer a question about something that is so subjective.

Nevertheless, I think I speak truthfully on what I think happiness looks like, for myself though. For me, happiness is when I look at my life and remember and recognize what I’m thankful or grateful for. (Yes I know, I sound like one of those annoying “look on the bright side” or “there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel” people – my bad). But I recently began to understand what Alfred Lord Tennyson meant when he said, “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” because while memories over the years may become bittersweet, I’d much rather have the happy memories I do have than none at all.

Current day me recognizes that I’ve always subjectively been happy because everyday that I was blessed to wake up, I kept trying, and to me, that mental perseverance to pursue that subjective state of being called “happiness” is well, a form of happiness itself.

On that note, here are some good cathartic tips to reevaluating your life to seeing what your happiness may currently look like:

  1. Put on some Jess Glynne or whoever your happytime but also sadtime artist is (I know you have one)
  2. Make a list!
    1. What am I proud of?
    2. What may I be ashamed of?
    3. What do I wish I could’ve done differently?
    4. What am I and can I keep doing phenomenally?
    5. What can be improved on?
    6. What makes me laugh and smile?
    7. What am I thankful or grateful for?
    8. What do I value about myself?
  3. Burn the lists that have all the negative topics on them.
    • Let’s be honest, you probably wrote down worse than what’s actually bad so go burn that shit and let it go! Uplift yourself with constructive feedback and positives only!
  4. Post those happy notes all around your space.
  5. Effectively implement those changes in your life to progressively be happier.
  6. Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – the live action one with Jim Carrey is my favorite.
  7. Get professional help if you need it!!!!!!!
  8. Be the best you possible!!!!

Moral of the story, happiness is a subjective feeling that’s relative to how you may feel about yourself and life status/situation and even lifestyle. Happiness, true happiness is being yourself, with yourself. So go discover who that person may be and what that may all mean for you. Go be happy!!! You’re alive. You still have a chance. Go make the most of it and enjoy it while you still can.

As always,

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of the Week: “Saddest Vanilla” by Jess Glynne ft Emeli Sandé

Oddly, as much as it’s a sad song, it’s somehow my happy song.

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