Rejection Is Redirection

Life for the past year has been far from superb, filled with lots of rejection from a multitude of sources – at a certain point, you kinda get used to it and no, that’s not a bad thing.

Yvonne loves to say that each rejection is just a hidden blessing. Michael & Vickie love reminding me that that everything happens for a reason and that each door closing is another one opening. Islamic proverbs remind me that GOD will not take something from a believer without replacing it with something better. Safe to say, I live a life filled with sappy friends and daily inspirations. Nevertheless, I’ve slowly and patiently begun to understand that each rejection was not a defeat but rather a redirection.

Since rejection comes in all forms and facts, whether it be a bad LSAT score, getting let go from a job, application rejections, and even heartbreak/a breakup. [If you’re wondering, no I’m not speaking from personal experience, more like other people’s personal experiences that I know of]. At a certain point, one has to look in the mirror and realize that each of those different life rejections have probably protected them from something worse and ultimately pushed you just a little bit closer to what you’re truly meant to do or what you really want. Recognize that maybe those things you thought you wanted probably weren’t what you actually needed.


  1. You’re too good for them anyway!
  2. It’s their loss!
  3. There is better for you in the universe!
  4. Just keep swimming! (if you don’t understand that reference, please go get cultured)

Moreover, those “no,” “not now,” and “hell no’s” that we get in life, are how we grow as people. Those minor disappointments that come with rejection are unfortunately necessary for the sake of productive adversity. I’ve learned to look at that all rough points in life as another progressive growth opportunity.

I hate being that person going around saying that there is purpose behind pain, but

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We all know that without something challenging us, we aren’t that likely to learn, combat, and grow throughout life because there isn’t anything there pushing our limits, forcing us out of our comfort zones, and making us comfortable with being uncomfortable. Therefore, get up, put on your big girl panties (my apologies for assuming all my readers are women), and keep it pushing. Make that rejection your bitch by heeding that redirection warning and continue striving to be the best version of yourself because you’re pretty friggin cool.

You’re gonna be fine.

(I know this week was short – my bad if you were looking for something longer – but I hope you still got the point I was trying to convey.)

Thanks for tuning in for another week! I look forward to speaking to you guys again next week (GOD willing/Insha’Allah).

As always,

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of the Week: “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill

This song has gotten me through many rough times, so I hope it does the same for you.

To the one I love, I wish you all the best ...


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