Things I’ve Learned on Hiatus

So if you’re new here, WELCOME!!! Thanks for tuning in!

If you’re a returning reader, thanks for coming back! My apologies for the long wait. I needed some time to regroup and figure some things out.

Many things have changed in the 5 months that I’ve been on hiatus (once again, so sorry for the long wait). I’ve done a lot of soul searching and even considered not returning to blogging – like never ever again.

What changed? Well, me.

While the common theme of my blog has been the journey of understanding oneself, thus far, I can honestly sat that I wasn’t doing so on the level that I was encouraging you all to. So this time, I did just that. I took my own advice. I shut the hell up, walked away, and took the time to learn and understand what it is to be me.

I hated every moment of it.

Forcing yourself to be honest with yourself isn’t fun in the slightest bit, and it certainly wasn’t a polite process either. But here are some of the many lessons I learned along the way:

1. Only you can prevent forest fires.

2. Life isn’t fair. The playing field is not leveled. Be ready to get knocked down.

  • You probably wouldn’t have even a quarter of the great stories or memories if you didn’t have adversity or the world knocking you down. While getting back up is always the hard part, it’s always makes for the best story.

3. You’re much more than capable than you think you are

  • Get out of that big head of yours. The mind is a dangerous place to dwell in. You simply wouldn’t be here if you weren’t capable of doing great in this world.

4. Don’t have sex! You’ll get pregnant and die.

  • I watched Mean Girls again…and again…and again.

5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • You can’t learn and grow if you’re just comfortable all the time. Constant comfort breeds complacency. DON’T BE COMPLACENT. DO BETTER. Put yourself out there and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Enjoy your personal growth.

6. Live each day life it may be your last because it very may will be.

  • I shouldn’t need to add an explanation for this, so I’m not gonna.

7. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else!

  • Jordyn Woods said it best, “I don’t need your situation”

8. Believe in your brand.

  • Tying back into “knowing you’re capable,” trust and believe in your brand. YOU, you’re your own brand. Everything you put into the universe is an extension of you, that’s your brand. Believe in it and watch it grow because your faith in yourself is you planting a seed, nurturing the roots, and eventually tending to the garden for maintenance. Take care of your own personal Eden.

So technically, I really only gave you guys 6 life lessons, but you get the point. Go be great lol.

Keep living, loving, and laughing.

Song of The Week (9/22/19 – 9/28/19): “Meant to Be” by TLC

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