If I had Known Then, What I Know Now – What Would I Change?

People love to ask me as I go through this new life chapter called “Adulting” the seemingly reflective life question — If I had known then, what I know now – what would I change? My plain simple answer to that (after much-needed self-reflection) is NOTHING.

Lemme explain.

Honestly, old me would happily jump on the chance to tell myself every crazy thing I’ve done and the followed consequences in order to prevent those things from happening so that I could ultimately avoid the emotional turmoil that probably came with those poor decisions. However, older me recognizes and acknowledges why that would be stupid because I wouldn’t have learned those essential lessons and met those amazing people that brought me into the young woman I am today, writing this. I finally understood how and why everything happens for a reason. I had to learn those lessons in order to gain life clarity about the world but more importantly, about myself. I had to endure horrible friendships in order to value and appreciate the good ones that make life meaningful and honestly, less shitty. I had to fall down and struggle in order to be grateful for the good times and learn how to fight back during those hard times when they present themselves.

However, I think old me would love it if I could provide some helpful tips on getting through those hard moments so that they would be as hard — a rock versus a pebble. I think I’d also love some tips on how to let go of undeserving and toxic people or things in order to conserve energy.

Nevertheless, I think over everything, I would give myself a hug and tell my younger self that I’m still doing okay and that things will work out however they’re meant to work out. Life has countlessly taught me to always look for and remember that there is always light at the end of any dark tunnel no matter how long it is.

Above that, I’d tell myself that the most valuable lesson of life that I didn’t thoroughly learn until this year — ALWAYS have love, value, and appreciation for yourself because GOD made no mistakes when he made you. If I had learned that earlier then I’d be a much happier person, much sooner in life.

Keep living, loving, and laughing.


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