So let me tell you guys about the best friend that I never asked for but definitely needed in my life. Her name is Acara but to me, Cara, and dammit she’s an amazing person. She’s literally the mom and anti-mom/enabler friend all wrapped into one. She’s that friend that will encourage and push you to reach your full potential to make sure that you don’t ever get left behind in this progress game called life but wait till a good ole girl’s weekend rolls around. Cara will for sure push you to your full potential…of fuckery! Cara is one of the reasons I went back to therapy to work on myself, while also being the reason that I made some pretty ridiculous decisions on Friday and Saturday nights in college.

On to the important part, here’s why our mulatto friendship was well needed whether I knew it or not — stability and balance. Despite Cara’s craziness equating to mine, we both provided a level of balance to each other where we both had something/someone to ground us in times of realness and someone to be there to help catch us when we fell without any judgment (well maybe just a little bit). Secondly, Cara provided me life with something that I never had much of in college and even in life when it came to relationships – stability. There’s a reason why she self-proclaimed herself as the best boyfriend I’ll ever have because she was just that. While we are very different people with different views and opinions, we’re still the same the person in many other ways, and at the same time 2 broken halves that make up a whole (a very dysfunctional one that is).

I guess the reason why I’m writing all of this is so that I can one, shout out how amazing my bestfriend is, and two encourage to seek out that one person in your life. You may not realize the necessity in having at least one other person who’ll love you as much as you should love yourself even in those moments where you may not because honestly, that shit is hard to do every day. So, moral of the story, go get you a Cara, but not mine lol.

Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk!

Love. Peace. and Smell like Pink.

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