Acceptance…It sucks

One of life’s hardest lessons and virtues is the learning the value in “acceptance.” Personally, I have always hated the idea of acceptance as a means to dealing with difficult issues porque a mi, es como renunciar al control encima un situación. (Translation: it’s like giving up control over a situation). But one of the best things I eventually learned was that acceptance itself is more about realizing that while it may require you admitting or giving up some control over a situation, es no siempre una cosa mala. A veces, puede ser una cosa buena porque muchas cosas en este mundo están fuera de nuestro control como personas. (Translation: it’s not always a bad thing to not have control. Sometimes it can be a good thing since most things in life are out of our control). I’ve come to realize that dealing with acceptance is just a matter of understanding measures of control and that sometimes things, situations, people, etc. just may not be meant for you and that’s why they don’t work out. En el fin del día, always just take things sólo por hoy (one day at a time) y todo estará bien (everything will be okay).


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